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More of This and Less of That aims to help all of our clients live the healthiest lives they can. By assessing where you are at we assist you to reach this goal through a variety of services we offer. We provide health and fitness options, along with as much positive reinforcement you need to make lasting lifestyle changes. Our success is a reflection of your success


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To keep you on track we offer ongoing corporate and private wellness programs. Please see the available service link at the top of the page and get in touch with any questions or to make a booking.

About The Founder

 Boo Boafo

Boo lives a holistically inspired, plant-based lifestyle with a lifelong yoga practice. Since health and wellness are her passions, she certified as a Thai Bodywork practitioner through 'Shantaya Yoga School' and a certified Yoga teacher through 'The Bhakti Center', she also has teachings for a trauma-informed practice, meditation and children's yoga  with the ability to seamlessly blend them in to her classes, bringing sensitivity with a balance of lightheartedness. Having switched to a plant-based lifestyle in 2003, Boo attended classes and lectures led by RawSoul, Tree of life, Hippocrates and other pioneering members of the plant-based community arming her with enough knowledge to dive deeply into a daily self-practice and exploration of the plant-based lifestyle, incorporating essential oils, medicinal herbs and sound therapy into her practice. Fifteen years later, she now enjoys sharing that knowledge as a holistic lifestyle consultant, teaming up on retreats around the world either as the yoga teacher or as the chef leading the kitchen. She is also available as a private chef on vacations or for corporate events and classes. Locally she often works with non-profits assisting in the community to help others find balance through healthy nutrition and movement, one breath at a time. Her eternal question to her yoga students is 'what can you take from this practice today and filter it into the remaining 23 hours of the day 'each and every day'. For yoga is not so much about what you practice on your mat but so much more about how you walk your path in life off the mat.



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